I'm trying to Migrate from an LS, to an LS Plus

Nate The Surveyor

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Things are not going very well.

I have created a BACKUP AND RESTORE, on the old LS, (Non Plus version)

So far, I have updated the OAF on all things I can find.
I have updated the firmware in the T-3, through the LS.
I have updated everything I can find.
Now, I go to FILES, then FULL BACKUP and RESTORE.
Then, I press RESTORE
It now says "Backup was created on another device (serial number mismatch) Only projects, tags, &Codes, Profiles, and Favorites can be restored.
At this point, it is a dead end. I cannot get it to go beyond this.
I hit OK, in blue and it goes back one step.
How do I get it to move ahead? Maybe I should just copy the files into the LS+, and build profiles and settings from Scratch?

Thank you,

Nate The Surveyor

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OK, Ive stood on my head, and called Judge Judy. Not getting anyplace. I'm installing jobs one by one. That's working.
I reckon I should re-do all my settings. I've never used cell coms. But, I will wait till tomorrow, to get that. I just want to get moved, and running as best as I can today.