Jim Campi

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Hi Nate,
I just received mine yesterday.

You will receive a unit and basics such as an AC adapter, cables with several adapters, LS Monopod Plate 3/8-16 x 3/8 - 16 and Monopod Tribrach Adapter Plate 3/8-16 (f) x 5/8-11 (m), a carrying case, UV filter and the white, square target. Feel free to contact me with questions, I am happy to chat.

I have not set this up yet however; I suspect an unstable tripod will just annoy the process.

I will be getting into setting up and running my first tests this weekend. The J-Mate has an SD port. Does anyone know if I need to add a card to operate the unit? I have an extra 8 GB card that is identical to what I am using in the LS.

Exciting times. I am really looking forward to this process and hope I can provide helpful feedback.

Joe Paulin

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Hmm, something isn't right, it prompts for a password and if I don't enter anything and hit ok, it says Password can't be empty!