Javad T-3


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That is a problem . The advertisement in magazines claims it is and some buyers purchased based on that assumption.
He is not going to be happy.
FHSS is an option instead of UHF. FHSS/UHF means either FHSS or UHF. We had very small number of users who wanted FHSS and UHF together. If you need both, you can use FHSS internal and UHF radio external connected with Bluetooth, or vise versa.
We will respectfully return the money of those who bought T3 with wrong assumption,

Nate The Surveyor

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Well, ya can't go wrong with that!
I guess building survey equipment, is a little like surveying. You never know for sure how It's going to turn out, until it's done. We all make assumptions, as we go, but new discoveries are made along the way.
I've worked very very hard, to do ethical surveying, and there are humbling moments.
Thanks for making this gear.
Not sure where this fits in, but, I just updated my LS software to the latest version and I am working through the many changes. One thing I noticed is that the multipath display is not longer shown on the Collect screen. While I must confess that I never fully understood how this worked, I did pay attention to it in tough canopy situations and noted the changes as the observation time passed. If this could be brought back, even as an option, I still think that it would be helpful.

Also, regarding the T3 bluetooth external antenna, it does look odd, but, having the ability to be several hundred feet away from the T3 and still connect with the LS might be an advantage. For many base set-ups, I can't get the truck close to the base station. With the T2, it usually meant several trips out to the station and then finally having the LS reasonably close to it to start the session. It appears that the LS can still remain at the truck and communicate with the T3. Michael Glutting did mention that there might be an option for a stubby antenna for the bluetooth at some point?


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Hi Glen, Click the "satellite" icon in the Home screen then scroll through multipath screens by the hardware "+" button. For explanations for each screen click the hardware "Help" button.

For the near future you must live with the external BT antenna on T3.
Thanks, I'll check that out on the home screen.

Although an internal bluetooth antenna would have been nice, I was really asking if a shorter ('stubby') antenna would work for the external bluetooth?

Andrey Antonov

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Yes, shorter antenna works. Amazon has lots of them too.
I would like to add a suggestion about a short sma antenna for BT/Wi-Fi. I found this short antenna, but in our country it is not available, it would be nice to have a pretty complete Triumph-3 for those who use the Triumph-3 not only as a base for Triumph-LS, but as a Rover (chip and J-Mobile allow).