Javad, thoughts and daydreams...

Nate The Surveyor

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We used to spend a whole day traversing with total station, turning angles, measuring distances, and cutting brush.
With Javad, I can get a WHOLE days work done in an hour. This elimination of tedious activities, has led to free time, in ways we really did not see coming.
Example is, waiting around for 3 to 10 minutes, (typical) to get a shot.
Or, setting it up on a very challenging place, and going to lunch, come back, and it's got 4 verified shots, within 0.12' of each other. Avg. These, and we are down in the few hundredths accuracy.
So, we technically did not take a lunch break. The LS let us "work through lunch" .
This drastic change in work flow, and capabilities leads to other ideas.
Wouldn't it be nice if we had a full cogo suite in an android, or I-pad, or I-phone, or Victor, so that we could, in the field, download coord to the "cogo box", through bluetooth, or WiFi, and do calcs from the truck, or while at lunch, so we can more effeciently plan our next search area, or activity?
All this WHILE the LS is cooking out another shot?
For me, I use C1, C2 etc. (A prefix) to field cogo point names, to keep them separate, from coord derived via other means.
It's an idea. For now, I can download to thumb drive, and then upload to laptop, or do some limited cogo, on the LS, while its working in the background.
The LS takes the place of a well organised, high disciplined crew of 3 men. This opens up further possibilities, as we have these 3-10 minute times all day, (waiting on the LS) that could save a return trip to the job, if we had a companion to the LS, to do cogo, in a separate box.
Of course, this makes sense to me, as I'm in the field with it.
This would be very handy, if it only took a few seconds to sync this device with the LS.
I admit, I am talking about a way to save a few minutes, 10x a day, but it all adds up, at the end of the day, and that can save a return trip, several times a month, and then it becomes desirable.
Javad dreams....
Nate, I haven't checked, but is this something one could do with the Javad mobile app?? Especially on a tablet, a tab would be much better than a smart phone.

Matt Johnson

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This ability already exist. There are no restrictions on using the CoGo functions in while a point is being collected. You can start collecting a point and then switch to the CoGo screens and do calculations. If you want this ability on another device, connect through RAMS.
Matt, with the mobile app, can you connect it to the LS, pull a point file from the LS into the app and then do cogo in there if you didn't want to use RAMS?

Matt Johnson

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Matt, with the mobile app, can you connect it to the LS, pull a point file from the LS into the app and then do cogo in there if you didn't want to use RAMS?
You upload and download files through RAMS so you could download a text file with points to the device and then import those points into some other software to do calculations.

Nate The Surveyor

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Matt, this method requires the cogo to be done in close proximity to the LS (WiFi range, or myfi). It also puts a delay in it. So, no advantage. Just do it on the LS.
A separate unit for cogo, that syncs easily, would be very useful.
It's easily worth 1000$ to 1500$ to me.

Steve Douty

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I know everyone is tired of hearing it, however I am back to beeting the same drum. I think life would be MUCH improved if I had an LS emulator that I could install on my PC. My vision is that with the emulator I could process and evaluate EVERYTHING that I can now do on the LS. All in the comfort of my office, without taking the LS out of production. This would allow me to revisit and evaluate old decisions, re-DPOS and evaluate observations that need more thought, print easly, have access to keyboard, mouse and large screen, etc.

I don't expect it to be free. What a super tool!
My 2 cents worth.
Matt, here's a question: with the LS now being able to be a wifi access point, can a wifi data transfer be developed for file exchange? If so, one could easily transfer data files from the LS to pc's, smart phones, tablets, etc with out having internet access. Then in Nate's case, he could download a data file to a tablet with the Javad Mobile App, go to lunch and do his cogo there. Bluetooth doesn't work due to hardware issues from what I recall. I can't get my LS to connect to the Javad mobile app though bluetooth or due a generic bluetooth data transfer to my smart phone. Let me know if this is possible.

It would be yet another option to transfer files wirelessly.

Or just update/fix the RAMS app, that would work as well.