Nate's wish 'n want list

Nate The Surveyor

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OK, I do wish that:
While in INVERSE, that there was a button there, to STAKE THIS LINE, (Between the 2 points being inversed).
And, I do wish that STAKE A LINE between 2 points, would display the inverse between the 2 points, being staked, the line between.

And, as we have a proximity filter, (Filter by distance) for use IN THE FIELD, It would be good to be able to use a similar filter in the office.

So, while (I think we all have assigned a U button to inverse) we are inversing, and we have entered the FIRST point, we now have an active button, to filter "points within ____ dist. From first.
This way, we can filter by distance, from the first point, in an inverse.
Also, a "Greater than" Filter, so that we only display points that are 20,000 feet away, or more. (This is a REVERSE of within a certain distance, but is a GREATER than filter).
This way, we can do field cogo faster.

Just another idea.


Matt Johnson

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Long press the Distance Filter button. Any button with a small triangle in it has additional functionality that is involved by a long press.

Nate The Surveyor

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I wish "sort by distance" had direction with it. Either brg, or az.
Many times, I need that information, to make proper selection.