RTK, vs RTPK wide open areas, setting control.

ken larson


Alexey Razumovsky

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The residuals on picture above show the same values as DPOS report. They are small. In the meantime both occupations at one point do not agree well. So an errors in postprocessing have systematic nature varying in time. Systematic impact (meteo, sat's constellation) can't be eliminated in adjustment. Said that, I insist that we need more observation time for long baselines (>30 km).

ken larson

thanx Alexey - good to know moving forward. Most times that parameter is easily met with the amount of work to be done. In this case the equipment terminated the setup early. It will be something to be aware of if just utilizing base and rover for setting some control quick for total station work.

I am always learning with this equipment and would not want to work without it