T-2 dropping out mid session.


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We've got at T-2 that has started to drop out mid session. We will set it up to do a static survey, hit go, and then when we come back it has stopped logging. Our other T-2s are not doing this. We have checked all of the settings and they are consistent across the units. Has anyone else had this issue before?


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We've confirmed that the memory on the T-2 is not full. The pattern is that we set up the unit, start logging and then return to find that the power on but the logging has stopped. We are using the same tablet and program to talk with all the receivers. The time logging before dropping out has differed. It's a real head scratcher.

Michael Stazhkov

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First try "Initialize File system" on the T2 using Netview.
If it doesn't help then when the issue happen and before power off connect the device to Netview, ask Reports | Parameters and send the result to us.

Bryan Enfinger

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You can find information here

On the drop down tab "information"


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Thanks everyone. We won't get to look at the unit until next week at the earliest. I'll get back with a report of what I find.