T-3 Battery trouble,

Nate The Surveyor

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I'm kinda in trouble with my T-3 base. I was working yesterday, with T3, and LS, via UHF radio. Suddenly, the base stopped broadcasting.
I return to base, and the T-3 has shut down. the radio is blue light, solid.
So, I have a PIGTAIL, and I power the base from the 12 volt RADIO battery. It takes it a bit, but it restarts.
I finish my day. Happy.
I get home last night, and hook the T-3 to the charger, and this morning, it is STILL RED. So, it has NOT charged.
I unplug it, and it will not turn on. I plug it in, and it will turn on.
So, either I have a blown Diode, or fuse in it. Or, the batter has fallen below voltage, so it cannot charge.
I don't know. When it is plugged in, it turns on, but when not plugged in, it does not turn on.

Can I get a replacement battery? I have dug all over the Javad Site, and I don't find it listed for sale.
I am sure one is available. Is it user serviceable?
I can use my base as is, with EXTERNAL power, for a while, but that's not a great way to use it.
Any knowledge available on this issue would be appreciated. I have searched the Javad site for all the search words I can think of, and have not found what I need.
Thanks everybody.

Nate The Surveyor

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Hmmmmm I turned it off, and unplugged the charger, and waited a bit, and pressed the power button.... It turned on... perhaps it is ok, but the battery is weak?
Now, the back story, I had failed to charge the T-3, the night before. So, it was on Day 2. However, I think the battery is weak. Because it was NOT broadcasting, on the internal radio... it was only hooked to the external radio, via blue tooth.
Anyway, I probably will get by for a while, as it is now apparently taking a charge, even it the internal battery is weak.
Thank you,

Nate The Surveyor

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OK, I seem to be back... to semi normal. I think my base batt is weak. Can anybody tell me how to check base battery voltage?
I've been poking around to find a way to check voltage, on base, but have not found it yet.

Jim Frame

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Wouldn't the internal battery voltage be present at the external battery connection (i.e., connect the external power cable without an external battery connected, then connect a voltmeter to the external terminals)?

Matt Johnson

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Can I get a replacement battery?
Email sales@javad.com for this.

Can anybody tell me how to check base battery voltage?

You can see the battery voltage in Netview:


or in J-Field by sending the GREIS command


to the base.


Nate The Surveyor

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Matt, thank you. 8.09 volts right now.
The Greis command is what I want/need, to field check it, after a day of work, (Immediate checks, after running it all day, are needed, as batteries tend to recuperate)

Matt Sibole

I have changed the battery in mine. I would not recommend anyone try it. It would be best sent back for an RMA and let the factory change it out with the right tools and tiny fingers. I would recommend a rental and the RMA.