Triumph-LS Cluster Average and Relative Accuracy

John Thompson

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There are apparently at least five different ways to average a cluster of coordinates in J-Field.

1. Points list, select point, tap on blue field, up arrow
2. Points list, upper left menu button, Cluster Average
3. CoGo, Tools, Average
4. CoGo, Tools, Clustering
5. Tap on distance to last white box

They are all not quite the same routine. I found out the hard way recently.

If "Add Design Coords" is checked on the Accept As screen, the resulting point has both design and surveyed coordinates. If this this point is included in a cluster average then the resulting coordinate depends on which method is used.

If Method 1 (Points list, select point, tap on blue field, up arrow) is used then the resulting coordinate is the average of the DESIGN coordinates, not the SURVEYED coordinates and the average point is stored as a design point.

I had some rough coordinates for a point I was looking for, so I used Stake to find it and to store a couple shots on it. I then attempted to average them using Method 1. What I got for the average was the rough design coordinates, not the average of my surveyed coordinates. Not especially helpful.

Method 2 (Points list, upper left menu button, Cluster Average) appears to always average the surveyed coordinates, if the included points have both surveyed and design coordinates.

Method 3 (CoGo, Tools, Average) allows the user to choose design or surveyed coordinates for each point in the average. I think.

I can't get Methods 4 and 5 to work at all. I select a point that has other points within the Distance Threshold and I always get "Cannot average the cluster". Help button says read the Users Guide. Maybe someone can point me to the place in the Users Guide where this is documented. Method 4 has inputs for P1 and Pn, and Method 5 only has P1. I'm not sure what Pn is.


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I use 2 and sometimes 5 if want the average right then. For 5 Pick the first point in the cluster and it should work.

Nate The Surveyor

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Add a button, called "active cluster".
All it does, is bring to the screen. The "active cluster", or the one it's presently working on. (This is in lieu of having to pick the 1st point name/number, of a cluster group). It becomes "active", (instead of grayed out), after 2 shots are performed, within the preset cluster distance.
I've enjoyed noticing how it analyzes a cluster, real time in the field, with a graphic.
This is handy, to systematically watch the degree of accuracy, as you work.
Adding this button would make it "slicker".
Or, handier, for some of us, who have fat fingers.
If you return to a point, previously shot, it also works.
I hope I've said that clear enough.
Ps, this would allow the user to more quickly analyze in the field, clusters, which were started at previous times, days, or sessions. As well as taking the place of figuring out what point is the first one in that cluster, in the field.
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