Triumph T-2 x 2 as a complete system

Nate The Surveyor

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In the latest copy of a survey magazine, is an ad from Javad, showing the Triumph T-2 set up as a network rover, and showing a radio link.
Prices are around 5-9k.
Can this be set up to run off the SAME base as the LS?
Can this be set up to have a UHF radio on base, T-2 on base, T-2 on rover, Victor, with J-field on rover, and be a complete running package?
Just curious about it.
I could NOT abandon the LS with 864 channels, however, when working in the desert, (wide open areas) this may be viable.
Just curious.

Nate The Surveyor

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Does it allow DPOS as well?

What do you loose, with this system, ie, is it similar to a setup with the LS, just not as robust, in the woods? (I'm guessing here, because it does not have as many channels, and other things...)



Matt Johnson

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Right now the Victor-LS doesn't have the ability to automatically download the raw data files from the rover so to use Base-Rover processing you would have to manually download and attach each file for rover points. It also does not function as well on RAMS if the internet connection is through WiFi.