Bryan Enfinger

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Does the above come with J-Field or is that a additional cost ?

Is six engine capability available with the T2 and other receivers ? Will RTPK be available with these ?
There's no information on the data sheets for the controllers.

I ask this as I may be interested in these controllers.

Bryan Enfinger

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Is J-Mobile an additional cost ? I already have J-Mobile, can it be installed on another device ? Is the 6-engine verification available in J-Mobile ? I've only used J-Mobile as a static use. I have the Victor LS controller in use with my T2 as a network RTN receiver. I had seen or read here that the 6-engine verification is not available in J-Mobile. Is this correct ?

What about RTPK using J-Mobile ? Is this possible or is it planned in the future ?

The reason I ask all this is apparently the Victor LS controller has been thrown to the wayside. There was supposed to be some kind of update (anything) for the Victor LS controller this past summer. I haven't seen an update for the Victor LS controller since purchased approx 4-5 years ago.

I guess in a way maybe no updates for the Victor LS controller is good thing.... mine is stable as a rock.

Bryan Enfinger

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My gut feeling is that the LS is the flagship of the fleet.
I've only heard about Victor.
Maybe you could try an LS?
We already have one since the days of the trial period. Great machine, mine is for when I can get to go out in the field. The Victor LS controller is the the same as the Triumph LS with the exception of those limited by differences in hardware and Hybrid RTK.