Victor LS memory/SIM card

I have tried to set of the sim card in the unit, it appears that the card does not seat properly in the mount. This needs to be fixed . Also, while removing the memory card 16GB and replacing, it fell into the unit !!! How the hell this happned I don't know. It looks like there is a gap between the card slot and the inside of the unit. I can hear it in the unit when trying to shake it out. There's no way to try and retrieve it other thqn sending the unit back. The unit was off when both the cards were taken out. I will need an RMA to get this fixed.

Matt Johnson

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Are you sure you are inserting the SIM card in the right direction? This is usually the problem people have with it.

I’ve never heard of a SD card getting stuck inside a unit before. @Andrey Simonov can arrange the RMA though.
Yep, I'm inserting the sim card with tweezers per the picture over the port (circuitry side point to the top of the unit). You can insert easily, but its not locking in. Shawn tried to help me with this last night. It would not read card. The data card was took out with tweezers to down load a test file and while placing back in fell in a empty space between the slot and instrument. I'm sure you never had heard of this befoe... neither have I. The sim card port needs to be fixed. The $3800 controller is useless as is.