accessing T-2 base file to DPOS

David M. Simolo

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Yesterday my helper started the download process of the T2 base file via bluetooth into the LS. When I got to the LS it was no longer connected, perhaps he fat-fingered something, I don't know.

This morning I went to the LS DPOS screen and hit "DPOS" for that file hoping that the LS would walk me through the steps. It stalled on "Checking Base Data presence".

So then I manually established the bluetooth connection between the T2 and the LS in the LS Base-Rover screen. Hitting DPOS just took me to the same screen, same message, it feels like it is hung up on that.

So I did a soft reset of the LS, rehooked to the T2, same results.

I have been searching the forum but appear to be floundering here as to how to get this done. I would like to know the easiest way for me to have accomplished a base download later on to get to DPOS. And I would like to know what I should do about my current dilemma. This is all probably a rummy request but it delves into an area that I haven't experienced much I guess.

I might add that I have used Net View in the past but the current version does not allow me to see any receivers, not sure what that is all about.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Matt Johnson

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Recover Base Point is for creating the base point when it does not exist in the database.

It sounds like you may to recreate the DPOS session and base point if you do not see an option to Download the base file in the DPOS screen.


To do this:
  1. Delete the base point
  2. Delete the DPOS session
  3. With one of the rover points highlighted in the points screen choose "Recover Base Point" from the context menu
  4. Manually download the base file, highlight the base point that was just created and use "Attach GNSS file" from the context menu
  5. Use "Recover DPOS session" from the context menu to recreate a new DPOS session

David M. Simolo

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Thanks Matt. I was away from my desk for a moment.

I had decided to clear the NVRAM on the T2 in addition to another reset of the LS and I think that has allowed me to download the base file and send to DPOS. I will verify this in a bit.

David M. Simolo

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Update: All is good. I guess it didn't occur to me initially to also reset the T2 but I believe that was the missing ingredient for me. All is downloaded and DPOS'd and everything appears as normal.

Thanks for the unparalleled support, as always.


Jim Campi

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I have experienced various problems with downloading T2 files to the LS. I established a protocol for this process and now rarely have a problem.

When I return to the base I connect the T2 to LS (via BT)
Stop the base. This give me the option of stopping or stopping and downloading the current file.

When I added the following step, most of the problems with the DPOS file ended.
Tap Done after the file downloads and then shutdown unit.

Matthew D. Sibole

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I will generally look in DPOS to make sure the base file exists and is ready to send before I disconnect from the T2 vi Bluetooth. This has seemed to solve any issues that may arise from not downloading the file and it appearing in DPOS.

Bill Eggers

I had a problem with a session today, the base file was not appearing. Used the procedure outlined by Matt and recovered the base file, got the points Dpos processed.
Thank you for this great forum!


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If the DPOS screen shows, base data not downloaded, then can you just delete the base you have highlighted in the LS in the DPOS window, and then just reconnect to the T-2 and download that base file again.