Early Access Testing Feedback

Michael Gribkov

Hey Eugene, I tried it and it's turning RAMS on. Are we using data from our cell plans with that on?
Hi Randy,

No, JERCI is only utilizing Bluetooch connection (by the way do not forget to turn On "Allow Control The Device Via Bluetooth" on bluetooth configuration). Although bluetooth control substitutes RAMS with JERCI connection, thus when bluetooth control is on, Remote Assistance is also displayed as active.

Michael Stazhkov

Staff member
Hey Eugene, I tried it and it's turning RAMS on. Are we using data from our cell plans with that on?
To work with JERCI J-Field uses the same internal logic as for RAMS but through Bluetooth. So it doesn't need internet connection.
I agree that we should make JField GUI more obvious.

Jim Frame

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I installed the app on my OnePlus 6T, but it's not finding my LS. It picks up 6 devices, none identified as an LS and none with a MAC address that matches my LS. (My T2 shows up with an asterisk; I infer that means that it's not available to connect.)

I tried turning off BT on the LS, then turning it back on and rescanning with the app, to no avail. I also tried unchecking Visible and then rechecking it, followed by another rescan. Same result.


Matt Johnson

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Did you check "Allow Control The Device Via Bluetooth"?


Jim Frame

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Hmmm...I don't recall seeing that one. Is this feature only available in the pre-release version? I'm on the stable one.

David M. Simolo

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I spent a little more time with it in the field yesterday, very nice!

I'm using a Samsung S10e and I don't find it glitchy at all. There's a slightly noticeable delay of a fraction of a second. I think at one point I was over 100' from the T-LS+ which had no external bluetooth antenna.

Great job guys!


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David, if you tap the settings button in JERCI you can select prefer speed or quality. There is more of a delay when quality is checked. Make sure you have speed checked.


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Thank you so much for this feature and to all who worked on it. My sister and niece who work with me and happen to be a bit shorter than me will really appreciate it. Our first test was on the slippery slope of a ravine under the shade of some sizable hardwoods. The shot was going to take a while but using the Remote Control Interface I was able to sit at the bottom of the hill on a cool moss-covered log instead of clinging to vegetation with one hand and poking the LS screen with the other. Thanks again.
Javad on Hillside.JPG