Early Access Testing Feedback

Darren Clemons

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Any date for when this will be available for Iphone? One of my crew members had an Android and he loves this, but all the rest of us have Iphones.

Clay Davidson

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I can't say enough good thongs about JERCI (JAVAD Equipment Remote Control Interface). If your using a trajectory on your ATV, JERCI helps out. If your LS if above your head JERCI helps out.

There is a slight delay, but its like half a second and not a big deal.

Thanks again for this Feature. I LOVE IT!!!

Nate The Surveyor

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How much is jerci?
I'm sitthin on the fence, between android and apple. I have both. But they neither one really are working right!

David M. Simolo

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It's free Nate! You should be able to interface with any old Android that runs and has Bluetooth, it doesn't need to be a viable phone.

Eric Tweet

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Tell ya what. I'm a huge fan of JERCI!

It's saved my bacon on a variety of occasions, from simple shots with fully-extended rod to shooting some extra tall monitoring wells.
Not to mention the "direct" shots on building roof corners. I have to wear gloves these days (it's an Alaska thing), so for some of these out-of-view shots I can at least interact with my LS+ on my phone by tapping the screen with my nose while I hold the LS+ wherever it needs to be :p

The only problem I've had with it, is that it creates a conflict when my LS+ is hooked up to an RTN using my phone as a wifi hotspot. If I open up and connect JERCI, the LS+ gets disconnected from the wifi. Not sure if that's an issue specifically with my Galaxy S8 phone, or something going on in the LS+.

Other than that, praise to the clever folks who thought up this handy tool!

Just a couple of notable instances where JERCI saved the day:


And on an unrelated note, is there a "correct" way to pronounce JERCI?
This is what flashes through my brain whenever I wonder how to say it:

Nate The Surveyor

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Just a suggestion. Use 2 phones.

Buy a used cell phone. Put jerci on it.
And leave it as a data collector.
I can just see an extra box as a good solution.

Eric Tweet

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Thanks, Nate. That thought had crossed my mind. It would certainly solve the wifi issue. I think I've even got an old phone at the bottom of some drawer somewhere that I could use.

I just got my LTE antenna, so I think I may just spring for a sim card, which I've been meaning to do anyway.