How about an update?
We all know that new product delivery is not an exact science. However the September delivery is starting to look like it might not happen.
Does the support staff have protypes yet?
What is the next optimestic delivery date?
What is the pesemistic delivery date?
I am excited about the unit, and even though I am an old man; I am like Nate, only I'm like a kid on Christmas morning.
This week got a magazine with the niced centerfold add anouncing J-Mate delivery in September. I know that delivery dates are not written in stone. (Ask some of my unhappy clients.) And that the publishing schedules demand that material be submitted in advance to the publisher. However, I feel it would be courtious for JAVAD to publish the next best estimate on this site.


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Here is a little update on the delay of the J-Mate. Javad has went a step further again and is implementing some new features into the J-Mate. Leveling will be able to be compensated up to 15 degrees with a precision of about 4". Also the instrument height will be able to be obtained by the J-Mate.

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
Adding to what Adam said, there will be no level vials on the J-Mate. The wide operating range of the sensor (15°) should be more than generous enough for the user to plumb the J-Mate using the pole bubbles of the J-Pod or a tribrach on a tripod. Javad said this morning that I will be getting a beta model before Christmas. Once I receive it, I'll test it thoroughly before we ship. The delay is entirely due to improving the design and capability of the device. I'm really excited about this development and what it will mean for users.


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Oh the possibilities that come to mind. Many of the rural surveys I do are farmland and pasture. Almost always the boundaries are just into the thick woods following drainage or fences. Since I learned of the tilt compensation I have been imagining the J-Mate mounted on my fourwheeler or gator. Theoretically, I should be able to drive around the fields, stopping at places where I can see into the woods, and hop off the atv, fire off a gnss shot on the J-Mate with the LS then tell the J-Mate to backsight the sun while I walk into the woods to shoot the corners. I will be trying it when I get mine.
Adam, I'm pretty sure you will have to manually install the solar filter, and remove it, before heading off into the woods.(correct me if I'm wrong).
Also, a backsite is just one more rtk, in the open shot. So, it's not too bad. Just imagining here.
I used to use a reflectorless Leica, set 2 L1 receivers up, on poles, with bloods, (one receiver sat all day, as I had a cluster of 3, then later 6).
I had DOT tape below the gps. Add 0.045' to each shot. With an atv, to rumble around, and carry it all.
I have manually carried it all, on foot, but it was a chore.
I think using J-mate robotically would be the bomb. It'd be nice if there were a strobe mounted on the J-mate, to assist the "rod-man" in choosing open slots to the J-mate.
My dad used to yell at me to wave my arms, to help him find me, at the gun. Without an inst. man, the strobe would help.

Jim Frame

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In fact, I think I'm going to get one of those to attach to the top of my robot. There are times when I'm working a quarter mile or more from it, and PowerSearch doesn't work well at long distances. Using regular search when you can't see the gun is a very frustrating exercise. I could use the strobe to get the gun roughly pointed, then use regular search to lock onto the prism.