Post pics of difficult shots

Nothing new here, just fully verified positions in crazy places! I have been showing my best friend (who is a Professional Surveyor as well) the capabilities of my Javad gear. He normally uses a VRS network rover along with a robotic total station. We have been using the Javad gear on certain jobs of his where he would normally have to use his total station and spend hours/days traversing to locate boundary corners and then stake property lines though the woods. I am able to do this with my Javad equipment much quicker than he can with his robotic total station and we have a lot more fun while doing so!


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Thanks. I used to use my robot, but use my T1M on VRS now.
It is the second biggest pond hockey tournament in the US behind Eagle River.
That pic was a couple of years ago, but I had to pull up the pic for the visitors bureau this morning and thought I would toss it up here.
I will try to get a drone pic of this years in a couple of weeks. I will make a thread though as there is a story behind why I got involved.