I am in receipt of a shiny new T-3.
Unfortunately, I did not receive any sort of manual, quick start guide or any sort of guidance, besides Matt Johnson's instructions on "configuring RTK engines to use Galileo and BeiDou" on the support page.
Without some guidance, I am not able to connect the T-3 with my LS and I am unable to connect my iPhone via JMT.
I have been successful in connecting the T-3 via NetView & Modem from my desktop.
Please help!
I have the time between the holidays to get this set up and am getting frustrated.
Ralph Dominguez, PLS

Matthew D. Sibole

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Once the T3 is powered up and your LS is powered up it should connect via base/rover setup just the same as your T2 did. You do have to be pretty close to it though unless you have an external Bluetooth antenna connected.

I am not familiar enough with the JMT to help you with that one.

David M. Simolo

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I have recently acquired a T-3 and I concur that you may have to get the base and rover within perhaps 5' in order to perform the Base-Rover setup. I thought I had read the T3 was supposed to have a much better bluetooth range than the T1M but I am hazy on those details.

I also get an error message when doing the Base Rover setup saying: "Base Firmware Version is outdated! Please update to 3.6.12 or higher." I had previously connected my T3 to Netview & Modem but when trying to update firmware I got the error while downloading saying something to the effect that the firmware was unavailable.

This is very anecdotal after just one use of the T3 as a base but it sure felt like it handled a pretty tough site much better than my T2 would have. And I think I was only using GPS and Glonass constellations.

I don't know very much Ralph but feel free to PM me if you think it will help you out.

Edit: just to be clear I was using a Triumph-LS as my rover.
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David M. Simolo

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OK, thanks guys. I see two of those stubby antennas. It looks like the other use might be for wifi? Is that for broadcasting or receiving or both?

Nate The Surveyor

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Ok, where are we going?
The t3 is small, light, and the most powerful of all the javad products. (According to what I read).
Long range bluetooth. (With external antenna)
Short-ish battery life, though.
Is the plan to sell 2 t-3's to the user, and get us to use a victor data collector?
I'm pretty happy with the T-2 LS external 35 watt radio. According to Shawn Billings, if we buy a T-3, we will be essentially able to DIRECT SWAP the T-2 for a T-3, and continue using it all, with performance gains.
But, Shawn does NOT have a T-3 right now. And, somebody lifted his T-1m, so he does not have it any more. Poor guy. I vote that he needs a T-3.
So, Shawn isn't in the immediate loop on this. But, John Evers says the T-3 is great.
Anyway, it appears that the small form factor of the T-3 is small. Why?
I'd like it to be bigger, with bigger base battery. But, it LOOKS like there is some other plan, and this makes me ask.
Any way, I need a t3. I think.
If you find a case of 12, I believe I could find a home for each one!


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Is the plan to sell 2 t-3's to the user, and get us to use a victor data collector?
I have a pair of T1Ms and was considering this, as I still want to use my carlson DC on occasion. The T1Ms are rugged as all hell. The external antennas on the T3 brings me back to my original Hiper days, and worry about damaging things - they just don't look like they will hold up.

Matt Johnson

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Is the plan to sell 2 t-3's to the user, and get us to use a victor data collector?
No, the T-3 is intended to be a baes and the LS will still be the rover. Development of the software for the Victor-LS has been put on the back burner and it still using the Windows OS and has bugs.

Nate The Surveyor

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No, the T-3 is intended to be a baes and the LS will still be the rover.
Then why was it given such a small form factor? The idea of over 20 hrs of battery life that the LS has, is an excellent concept.
As I recall, the t3 when used with its internal 1 watt radio, has a 10 HR batt life. After its well used, or very cold, that tends to drop.
Anyhow, it sounds very promising, from John Evers comments.