Where is the T-3 forum?

David M. Simolo

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I rarely use the 35w radio, often out of laziness to get it all set up when I'm not sure I will need it. One thing I have noticed is that that radio can drag a fresh 12v battery down to about 10.5v right away when it's running so there's some pretty intense consumption going on there. If I'm going to use if for a sizable portion of the day I gang two 26 amp-hour batteries together in parallel to increase my run time.

Nate The Surveyor

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I'm running a 55 ah battery. It's a SLA (Sealed Lead Acid).
I often run it at 4 watts. Shawn Billings has told me to try it at the 2 second rate, with upsampling. This will allow it to rest a little more, and allow a repeater.
Of course, this is with the T3 GPS on base. Lots of data going through it.
Are you running a base, and if so, is it a t3 or t2?
I'm worried that RTPK may not perform as well (@2" rate). On the other hand, it may process RTPK faster.
I'll try it an a nearby job.

Nate The Surveyor

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I was told that it has 2 modes. One is low, one is high. One runs up to a certain amount, (4 watts by memory) and the other all the way to 35 watts.
I suspect that low is up to 1 watt. And high is anything above that. (If this is true) because I once had to send it in for repair, due to greatly reduced range.
The high power diode was blown.
I would really like to know more about these things.