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Few more comments based on working with Nate's T2:
1) make sure firmware is at least 3.7.9 (latest for today)
2) update OAF from the web to assure you have the latest one with BDS B1C enabled. Very old OAF enabled B1 only. The latest OAF will enable also BDS B1C and GPS L1C
3) B1C signals are being tracked by T2 by all rev. > 3 without any shift of frequency
4) shift is needed to track B1 in rev. 4-7. The number of B1 signals for now about 2 times larger than B1C, this is why it makes sense to shift the frequency.
5) after all done and still, no BDS, check with N&M their locking, and use in positioning are enabled

John Thompson

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Most of my work is on the treeless prairies of the great plains, so I probably can't economically justifying upgrading to a new base receiver when my current system works well for 99% of the places I need to take it. But I'm working on a job now that has the heaviest canopy I've ever attempted RTK in, so like Nate, I want to max out my existing T-2/T-LS system.

I'm not as experienced with tweaking settings and getting GNSS shots under canopy as many of you here, so this may or may not be a meaningful comparison. I set up my Triumph-LS (non-plussed) partially under a big tree in my yard. The sky is probably 75%+ obscured by 3 pine trees and a leafed out hawthorn tree. The base is a Triumph-2 tracking GPS, GLO, GAL, and BDS close by with open sky.

Test #1 - 6 engine 2 constellation firmware (The old standard)
Each shot is 100 epochs no minimum duration
No minimum phase 1 duration
Confidence 7
Consistency 5
Minimum RTK Engines: 2
Minimum Validate Engines: 1

Start: 14:37
Stop: 15:37
Duration: 60 minutes
Collected 18 points
3min:20sec average per point

Spread of 18 points (ft)
N 0.104
E 0.062
U 0.248

Test #2 - 2 engine 4 constellation firmware
Each shot is 100 epochs no minimum duration
No minimum phase 1 duration
Confidence 7
Consistency 0
Minimum RTK Engines: 1
Minimum Validate Engines: 1

Start: 15:45
Stop: 16:45
Duration: 60 minutes
Collected 26 points
2min:18sec per point

Spread of 26 points (ft)
N 0.108
E 0.062
U 0.370

Spread of first 18 of these 26 points (ft)
N 0.108
E 0.041
U 0.140

Conclusion: 2 engine 4 constellation firmware with T-2 base and Original T-LS under moderate canopy results in faster acquisition and similar precision. Your mileage may vary.

Nate The Surveyor

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Can you use the new 4 engine setup in a non+ LS, with t2 on base? How do I do this?
I find in mine:
2 constellation 6 engine (what I've been running for 3+ years)
Many constellation, 6 engine.
Many constellation, 2 engine

How did you get it to do 4 engine?
Thank you.... :)

Vladimir Zhukov

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Good stuff
The following serious limitations of BDS/GAL in Triumph-2 should be considered:
TRIUMPH-2 utilizes the only single-frequency capability of BDS and GAL tracking and yes, using of single frequency BDS and GAL could improve performance versus to GPS + GLO only, but the level of improvement is significantly lower versus to receivers with fully tracking of BDS B1/B2/(B3) and GAL E1/E5A/E5B/AltBoc/(E6) like Triumph-1M and Triumph-3. The number of different carries frequencies for associated signals plays a very important role in reliable surveying at all especially difficult conditions.
TRIUMPH-2 utilizes only 1 frequency in the L1 band for BDS/GAL - the benefit is the lowest one. In some cases may not see any benefit at all.
TRIUMPH-1M utilizes already 3 frequencies for BDS/GAL (L1, L5, L3) - the benefit is very good.
TRIUMPH-3 utilizes already 4 frequencies for BDS/GAL (L1, L5, L3, E6) - the benefit is the max possible

Additionally, another significant limitation of the Triumph-2 receiver is the first generation 216 channels TRIUMPH chip installed. This chip was designed > 15 years ago and does not have enough channels to handle even these available in one band signals. Therefore some signals will be randomly skipped during the tracking, and for example, using GPS L1C signals together with BDS B1C could be an issue already.

In a part of a number of BDS/GAL tracking signals, TRIUMPH-1M is the at the level of TRIUMPH-LS and TRIUMPH-3 is at the level of TRIUMPH-LS Plus
This my be asking too much, but, can someone post (email) a detailed correct way to set things up without having to go through 6 posted pages of trial and error? These posts have got me and my crews completely confused and I am afraid to alter the T2 or TLS fearing that I will make it unusable. So far I have enter the command that matt suggested, early on, but it has not been beneficial, so I have stopped at that point. How do I remove these commands? (How do I reset the TLS to it original state?) I tried to change the modulation to D8PSK, as suggested, but, my crew says it is stuck at D16QAM when they try to set it during UHF setup.

I am extremely busy and I really do not have the time to piece all of these posts together.

Every time there is a Justin update, I have to try and figure out what has changed. Some kind of documentation would be helpful. Am I missing something, or, am I just stupid?

I hope you understand.

Thanking you in advance for your input.

Sean Joyce

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I believe you enable Galileo & Beidou by selecting Parameters tab from the main screen (image1). Then click Positioning (image 2). Then set GAL & COMP (Compass = Beidou) to
The command Matt gave looks like a GREIS input. I'm not exactly sure how that works in Netview but I assume it's sent from the Greis Commands tab.

View attachment 9890View attachment 9891View attachment 9892
I have an older T2 and tried to follow this with the latest version of netview and modem.
The screens in my program under the positioning settings are are different than the screenshots here and I could not seem to get it to work.
is my T2 too old?

Sean Joyce

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Hello John,
if you would like to play a little in a manual mode, then
the right place to send GREIS commands is called "GREIS commands" tab :)
The format I would use
the correct response should be
After this command, the following command should be sent
the answer that the command is accepted also
otherwise, a frequency shift will not be applied

%%set,reset,y command causes software reset of the receiver
after receiver restarts, you could check the response for
the answer should be
RE005 1571

when you would configure TRIUMPH-2 as a base, the type of corrections should be selected as RTCM3 MSM Short, because RTCM 3 Min, which you most probably always used with your T2 does not include BDS and GAL signals.

Tried following these instruction for entering GREIS commands and doesn't seem to be doing anything.

Firmware and options are updated, constellations are checked to be active.
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